Easter Egg Butterflies

Our Easter egg butterflies are the perfect Spring craft for the whole family! Reusing plastic eggs, this craft can help you re-purpose leftover /old eggs to create something new! All you’ll need is a hot glue gun, easter eggs, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners! 

This butterfly is in a set of 3 of our DIY Easter Egg ideas for 2021! Be on the look out for our bee craft, and our caterpillar craft!

What You’ll Need

Craft supplies

  • Reusable eggs
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun


Glue 2 eggs together

  1. Open up 2 eggs and hot glue them together, with the openings facing up

Roll the pipe cleaners

  1. Select 2 colors for your pipe cleaners
  2. Roll pipe cleaners to create 4 circles that are smaller than the width of the egg
  3. Take a second color, and wrap it around your first set of circles

Finish the wings

  1. Hot glue the circles and place them inside the egg openings

Make the body & antennas

  1. Take 2 pipe cleaners, form the body and antennas of the butterfly
  2. Hot glue the body to the wings

Finish your butterfly!

  1. Finish with cute googly eyes!

Watch the Video Tutorial

We hope you enjoy making Easter Egg Butterflies! We love how our butterflies turned out. Are you proud of your butterflies too? Take a photo of your finished butterflies and tag us on our Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured to our followers! Tag @Wunderstarkids

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