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Review for “It’s Time for Bed Sweet Child of Mine” Board Book

“An excellent bedtime book! The illustrations are whimsical, and the story is captivating. Keeps the kids engaged and asking questions. Highly recommend this book.”

Akida Rouzi  

5 Stars 5 star rating

Customer photo with our board book

Review for “It’s Time for Bed Sweet Child of Mine” Board Book

” This book is such a wonderful addition to my son’s library!! All the pages are so colorful. My 2.5 year old son is very talkative and loves to learn new words all the time. This book has so many new yet simple words that he is already picking up. Also the colors and characters on every page are so fresh that I am able to have longer conversations with my son and keep on adding to his vocabulary. We are loving this book a lot!! “


5 Stars 5 star rating

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Bonnie and Brit
Our Story

Through Bonnie and Brit’s vivid imaginations and ability to create fantastic things, Wunderstar Kids was born. It is a women-owned brand that is dedicated to being inclusive and accessible.

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Is It’s Time for Bed Sweet Child of Mine a 5 minute bedtime story?

It’s Time for Bed Sweet Child of Mine is a great 5 minute bedtime book. You can read our book fast or slow to make it the perfect 5 minute bedtime story. Our 5 minute bedtime book is a quick read but can easily last longer than five minutes with the many talking points throughout our illustrations. Enjoy engaging your child by pointing out bunnies, rainbows, butterflies and more!

What reading level is It’s Time for Bed Sweet Child of Mine?

While our bedtime book is intended to be read to children five years old and younger, the reading level is ideal for mid-level first grade readers. Our bedtime book is also a great tool for teachers who are teaching compound words and would like to introduce more challenging sentences that rhyme.

Is Wunderstar Kids a Women Owned Business?

Yes, Wunderstar Kids is a women-owned business. Businesses owned by women are vital to the strength of the world’s economy. Here in the United States nearly 40% of the businesses are owned by women. In an economy still driven largely by men, where women make up the majority of the purchasing power, we need to continue to encourage other women to become entrepreneurs and strong leaders. We believe it is of the utmost importance to show young girls that they have the opportunity to work hard and own their own businesses. By supporting our brand Wunderstar Kids, you pave the way for more success and opportunities for women owned businesses!

Is Wunderstar Kids a Small Business?

Yes, in addition to being a women-owned business, Wunderstar Kids is a small business! Small businesses are vital to the movement of the economy. They foster growth on the local level, and create competition in a world dominated by large corporations and big businesses. Here in the United States there are nearly 30 million small businesses, which account for 99.9% of all businesses! This shows just how much of an impact small businesses have on economic growth and how important they are to the workforce. 

By supporting small businesses you may help other small businesses too. Many small businesses help foster local economies by supporting other local small businesses. Here at Wunderstar Kids, we will be supplying our books to local privately owned stores to help facilitate our own economy on a local level.